Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Capital E!

Last week we went on an exciting trip to see many different types of art for the Capital E Festival.

Firstly, we had a double decker bus take us into Wellington.

Then we had the amazing Anika Moa to get us up dancing and singing.

Next, we learnt a song about whales in Te Reo and had to save the beached whales by keeping them calm, cool, and comfortable.

Lastly, we had a series of stop motion short films to watch. Some of our favourites were 'Shaun the Sheep', the man on stilts, and the love story with the man who could create light bulbs from his mouth!

A big thanks to the parent helpers and all of you in Rimu Wha for being so great and enjoying the different kinds of art. Next up... the Bug Lab at Te Papa!!

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